November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month 

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound is teaming up with the following clinics to offer special senior screens using blood work and an abdominal ultrasound at a discounted rate.

Participating clinics are; Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, Mountain Peaks Veterinary Clinic, Mt. Werner Veterinary Hospital, Yampa Valley Veterinary Services, High Country Veterinary Services and Courtney Diehl DVM.


Seeing into Soft Tissue Injuries and Complex Joint Problems for Better Treatment and Pain Relief

Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging has become an essential tool for diagnosing many of your pet's orthopedic injuries such as sprains and dislocations. At one time it was used mostly for humans and larger animals like horses, but modern devices can successfully image smaller joints and tissue. This can be useful when your cat jumps from a little too high up or your dog cries out while you two are playing and you don't know why. Here at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound in Steamboat Springs, we can take a look with ultrasound.


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound is a Major Step Forward for Orthopedics

In the past, our diagnostic tools were touch, observation of the joint, the pet's reactions to moving it, and X-rays. Now, ultrasound imaging lets us see both the bone and soft tissue together, visualizing the entire joint or other structure for a clearer understanding of what may have moved, broken, stretched or become inflamed. It also helps us decide what is the best approach to treatment, including immobilization, physical therapy, and surgery.

The Ultrasound Imaging Process is Gentle and Quick

Ultrasound imaging is a gentle, non-invasive diagnostic technique that rarely requires anesthesia. Usually, the pet will tolerate the probe with little fuss, or perhaps slight sedation may be needed. It's especially easy when the veterinarian or technician has significant experience with the technique and can quickly acquire the necessary images.

Specialty-Based Teamwork Leads to a Quick and Reassuring Treatment Plan

Our Dr. Kim Radway has actively sought a variety of ultrasound training opportunities in this increasingly popular technique and is becoming a valuable resource for orthopedic veterinarians including Dr. Erick Egger. Together, they can examine shoulder injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, knee injuries and disease, and wrist or carpal injury. With accurate information in hand, they develop a targeted treatment plan for the patient and provide the owner with concrete information.

Arranging Ultrasonic Imaging for Your Pet's Accidental and Long-Term Injuries

At Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound in Steamboat Springs, we work with a number of veterinary practices in our area who can refer you to us. We'll add our expertise and technologies to their services. Together, we work to understand how best to treat your pet and discover what might be causing them pain. Properly working joints and pain relief can make a big difference in your pet's active life. Check our website for one of our participating veterinarians, or ask yours to contact us.