November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month 

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound is teaming up with the following clinics to offer special senior screens using blood work and an abdominal ultrasound at a discounted rate.

Participating clinics are; Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, Mountain Peaks Veterinary Clinic, Mt. Werner Veterinary Hospital, Yampa Valley Veterinary Services, High Country Veterinary Services and Courtney Diehl DVM.


Cardiac ultrasound allows for evaluation of heart size and function. The thickness of the heart walls, the size of the heart chambers, the appearance of the heart valves, and the strength of the heart contraction can be determined. Color Flow Doppler imaging allows for visualization of the blood as it travels through the heart. We have the capability to perform spectral doppler and continuous wave doppler, which are important in characterizing types and severity of heart disease.  It can be used to identify many congenital heart defects as well as evaluating heart valve function. Cardiac ultrasound is also used to screen clinically normal pets that are at risk for heart disease. It is a very useful tool for not only determining if disease is present but also in evaluating its severity and the effectiveness of various treatments.

An ECG (electrocardiogram) is performed with every echocardiogram at no additional charge.  This gives additional information to screen for any arrhythmia’s.  This service is also available without an echocardiogram at a small fee.