November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month 

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound is teaming up with the following clinics to offer special senior screens using blood work and an abdominal ultrasound at a discounted rate.

Participating clinics are; Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, Mountain Peaks Veterinary Clinic, Mt. Werner Veterinary Hospital, Yampa Valley Veterinary Services, High Country Veterinary Services and Courtney Diehl DVM.

Digital Ultrasound

When pet owners contact us here at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound, they're doing their part to give their pets the healthiest and longest lives they can. Many of them appreciate the new advancements in medicine and treatments for animals that give us hope.


Among our staff, advanced and modern vet care is the name of the game. We're specialists in providing diagnostic imaging of the abdomen and heart.

You'll see firsthand just how much has changed with diagnostic capabilities at our facility in Steamboat Springs. We can also examine your pet at your regular vet, should that be preferred.

What is Digital Ultrasound?

Many people hear the word 'ultrasound' and automatically equate it to pregnant women and fetal imaging. In reality, it can be used for a lot more than creating pictures of a baby in the womb.

A comforting thought for pet owners is that ultrasound remains one of the few noninvasive procedures we can do on an animal. That means there are no needles, no cutting, sutures, or scars. Instead, the machine uses sound waves to show us pictures of the chest and abdominal cavities.

The wonderful thing about these machines is just how much they've changed. Ultrasound machines used to be the size of a filing cabinet, but now, many are the size of a small laptop. That means they're portable and more affordable than ever before.

The Importance of Veterinary Diagnostics

Ask any veterinarian about diagnostic imaging and they'll likely tell you the same thing — getting good images is the highest priority when considering new ultrasound equipment.  The machines allow the operator to work with confidence and allow for visualization of all the abdominal organs. That means when time is of the essence we can see the bladder, gallbladder, kidneys, liver, and spleen in enough detail to certify a diagnosis.

In addition, this painless procedure has many other uses in veterinary care. Ultrasound can also look for things like tumors and bowel obstructions and give our staff a better understanding of the medical issues your pet is facing.  It has no side effects and may require only a mild sedative to help an animal remain still while imaging is done.

Learn More About Echocardiography 

Our doctors use cardiac ultrasound (or echocardiography) as a means to evaluate an animal's cardiac function, see any heart defects, and diagnose heart disease. It is inherently valuable in treating critical cases, allowing real-time assessments that can result in immediate life-saving measures being taken.

If you have questions about our services here at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound, call us today! We'll do our very best to accommodate your schedule and look forward to seeing you.