November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month 

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound is teaming up with the following clinics to offer special senior screens using blood work and an abdominal ultrasound at a discounted rate.

Participating clinics are; Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, Mountain Peaks Veterinary Clinic, Mt. Werner Veterinary Hospital, Yampa Valley Veterinary Services, High Country Veterinary Services and Courtney Diehl DVM.


"Rocky Mountain Ultrasound is an enormous asset to northwest Colorado. Dr. Kim's extensive training and experience is evident in her case management and reporting. I have used her services in a variety of cases, ranging from emergency to routine senior ultrasound screenings. Dr. Kim is reliable and always professional."

- Dr. Erica Schrader, Yampa Valley Vet Services

"Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that is extremely well tolerated by our pets. The ability to have Dr. Kim Radway’s professional ultrasound skills to diagnose challenging cases saves clients time and money by avoiding travel to a distant referral veterinarian center.   With Dr. Radway’s ultrasound expertise only a phone call away, our clients and our practice benefit tremendously so that we can provide the best care and treatment options for our patients."

- Lee O. Meyring, DVM