November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month 

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Ultrasound is teaming up with the following clinics to offer special senior screens using blood work and an abdominal ultrasound at a discounted rate.

Participating clinics are; Steamboat Veterinary Hospital, Mountain Peaks Veterinary Clinic, Mt. Werner Veterinary Hospital, Yampa Valley Veterinary Services, High Country Veterinary Services and Courtney Diehl DVM.


Ultrasound imaging of the small animal musculoskeletal system is a very helpful, non-invasive diagnostic. Not many people have training and experience in imaging of the musculoskeletal system, but Dr. Kim Radway has sought out many training opportunities.  Ultrasound can be used to help diagnose shoulders injuries, wrist (carpal) injuries, Achilles injuries and disease of the knee.  She works closely with orthopedic surgeons, including Dr. Erick Egger to create a plan for each patient following the ultrasound.